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Seasun grow different species of tomatoes and bell peppers.

Curious which species can be found in our greenhouses?


Then read on  below!

Tomatoes are a healthy vegetable that can be prepared both cold and hot. Seasun currently grows two varieties of tomatoes. Each variety has its own shape and taste. Curious about the differences between the varieties? Then read on below!

Storage tip: It is best to store tomatoes outside the refrigerator in a cool place.




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Due to the cheerful colours, the crispy bite and its own taste, the bell pepper is a vegetable that is often used in the kitchen. Seasun currently grows three bell peppers: green, yellow and red.

Storage tip: It is best to store peppers at a temperature between 10 and 12 degrees.


  Bell peppers  

Green bell pepper

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Yellow bell pepper

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Red bell pepper

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Snack tomatoes are small and sweet tomatoes. Ideal in a salad or as a healthy snack! Seasun currently grows five varieties of snack tomatoes. Every variety has its own taste, shape and size. Curious about the differences? Then view the product leaflets below.

Storage tip: It is best to store snack tomatoes outside the refrigerator in a cool place.

  Snack tomatoes  


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